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Distribution boxes, Distribox, Triple exit connector for boxes
How to reduce costs and time waste. Shield distribution boxes with IEC 61076-2 M8 and/or M12 distribution box shield series sockets are used more and more frequently in the connectivity industry. They can be applied in numerous fields such as industrial hydraulic, pneumatic and electrical automation, illumination systems, trucks, construction equipments. Standard and custom built-in circuits are available to meet the client’s needs.
Up to triple line M12 or M8 sockets, from 3 to 15 sockets, 1 or 2 or 3 signals each socket, with or without signalling Led, for connection of sensors and actuators.
Space saving, top or side mounting distribution boxes, triple line sockets boxes, from 3 to 15 sockets.

Spiders and splitters, Spiderbox
Shield spider or splitter box is a new solution of distribution box. This box is a modular system: Shield Hybrid Spider Box simple connections or complex bonded junctions according to client's design can be wired and over-moulded with an efficient cost/quality rate. Assembling with shielded or unshielded cables. Up to 20 cable connections with multiple wires can be linked together. This kind of distribution box may contain custom electronic circuits as well.
It's the solution to reduce the design and assembling time in your project. Hybrid versions with M8 and M12 connectors + direct cable junctions are also available.
Applications: industrial automation, illumination systems, road vehicles, trains, ships.

7/8" connectors, M23 connectors
Shield manufactures power e signal connectors for industrial hydraulic, pneumatic, electrical 7/8 M23 connector automation, LED illumination, trucks and various construction industrial equipments. The cable materials can be chosen among a wide choice. Dynamic or static application. Up to 25 poles. Gender configurations: standard male, female and hybrid male-contacts / female-thread, female-contacts / male-thread.
With anti-vibration system, wide cable choice, single head or extension cable; application with motors and distribution boxes. Ratings up to 13A, 600V.

Sub-D connectors wiring

sub-D wired connectors
From 9 to 62 poles, standard and high density, IP40 or IP67 version available, single head or extension cable, application with electrovalves and distribution boxes in the industrial automation field.

M8, M12 round connectors

M12 M8 cable connectors
Manufacturer of M12 and M8, IEC 61076, IEC 60947-5-2 circular connectors, dynamic or static application. Ratings up to 4A, 250V. Applications: industrial automation, LED illumination, vehicles in general with and without distribution boxes.

Magnetic sensor switches for industrial automation

magnetic cylinder sensor switches
Electronic and reed proximity switch for hydraulic, pneumatic or electric cylinders with magnetic piston. High switching power and sensitivity. Applications for industrial automation.

Connectors for electrovalves with cable

Shield electrovalve connectors
Polyurethane or thermoplastic rubber housing, wide cable choice, single head or extension cable; application with electrovalves, pressure switches, filters, distribution boxes.

Timer for condensate drain electrovalve

Shield condensate drain electrovalve timers
Long life, easy installation and programming; small dimensions, no maintenance; adjustable timer setting; multi-voltage; installation in any position.
Analogue and digital types available. Application: industrial automation. 

International Standards and Certifications.

Shield ul csa ce approvals
Approvals from international organizations of quality trademarks for many products.
Certifications for internationals norms: UL, CSA, CE, Atex, IEC 60335, Glow Wire Test, UL94 V0, ship cable.

Connector Assembling

Connectors and cable wiring Tyco, AMP, Superseal, Mate-N-Lok, Stocko, FCI connectors, ILME connector, Harting connector, Amphenol connector, Veam ITT Cannon connector, Deutsch connector, Delphy connector, Shield connector, Souriau connector, Molex connector, Hirose connector, special cable.
Application: transport vehicles and industrial automation.