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Shield: company profile

The Company
Shield is an Italian company based in Cavaglietto, near Novara and Milano.

Our 5,000 m2 premises are situated within a total area of 43,000 m2. Open spaces, efficient modern machinery for plastic injection moulding, both horizontal and vertical, cable cutting, SMD electronics and automated assembly procedures allow products to be manufactured in both large batches or small customized lots whilst maintaining a favorable cost/quality ratio, competitive prices and short lead times.

All our products are totally made in Italy.

The company has been organized with SAP’s ERP integrated system for years. It permits control from the administrative point and throughout the production process. Final products are packed, numbered and dated by a system which assures the identification of the lot of the goods.
Shield Made in Italy
Shield produces wiring systems for electrovalves and sensors: manufacturing of connectors, distribution boxes, sensors, switches and cables for industrial hydraulic, pneumatic and electrical automation, illumination and conditioning systems, trucks and transportation, construction equipments and machinery in general.

Quality Control

The company is organized so that ISO9001 standards are respected.

Design and Research
Several engineers are always engaged in designing new items and production systems to obtain higher quality at competitive prices.

Tooling Unit
The internal tool workshop makes prototype production easy, guarantees product realisation according to our clients’ requirements and facilitates manufacturing and constant maintenance of tools.