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Shield Production Program

magnetic switches: reed and electronic magnetic switch for cylinders

Magnetic Switches

Miniature reed and electronic magnetic switches. Top mounting possible. Reed and electronic magnetic switches with high switching power. Complete range of mounting accessories to fit the same switch type on different cylinder series.
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electrovalve connectors: screw terminals or cable connector EN-175301-803, ex DIN-43650

Connectors for electrovalves

Connectors EN 175301-803 (ex DIN 43650)
for electrovalves with built-in cable or with
screw terminals. Wide range of available
circuits. Wide range of standard cables and
upon customer's request.
The connector body can also be large to
contain big dimension built-in electronic
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sensor connectors: screw terminals or cable M12-M8 connector IEC 61076-2 and IEC 60947

M5, M8, M12 connectors for sensors

Circular M5, M8 and M12 connectors for sensors
(IEC 61076-2 and IEC 60947) with cable or with
screw terminals. Wide range of solutions. Wide
range of standard cables and upon customer's
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cables: shielded and special cable for signal and power


Multi-conductor cables for signal and power. Several solutions for: dynamic applications, HAR, UL and CSA approvals, EMC shielding, twisting in pairs, ATEX, low and high temperature, ADR cables, bus systems, brushless motors, etc. Materials: PUR, PVC, silicone, FEP, rubber, XLPE, etc. Cable can be supplied on reel or cut and stripped or spiralled, according to customer‘s design.
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distribution boxes: distribution box with M12-M8 sockets and spider box with cables

Connectivity systems

Spiderbox ®, distribution boxes with only removable
connectors, only built-in cables or mixed
Types from 2 to 20 connections and over.
Very small overall dimensions.
Wide range of solutions.
Small or big production batches.
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special connectors wiring: power, signal and militar connector assembling and wire harnesses

Power, signal and militar multipolar connectors wiring

M16, 7/8 inch, M23, M40, M58, etc. connectors assembled
with cable according to customer's specifications.
Sub-D with 9, 15, 25, 37 poles, IP40 and IP67 protection
USB and RJ45 connectors.
MIL standard round connectors.
Standard Siemen, Lenze, Indramat, Elau, Fanuc, etc.
Connectors assembling: Ilme, Harting, Amphenol, Veam ITT Cannon, Deutsch, Delphy, Souriau, Tyco, Molex, Hirose, etc.
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