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shield IEC60335

IEC 60335-1 Certification – Household appliances
Shield valves connectors can be supplied with certification
IEC 60335-1 – household appliances
IEC 60695-2-12 and IEC 60695-2-13 glow wire test
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BUS M12 connectors

Bus extension cables
Shield produces M12 extension cables for a lot of bus systems:
ProfiBus DP, Profibus PA, DeviceNet, CanOpen, EtherNet, EtherCat, UL/CSA approved cable, cable lengths according to customer demands
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Shield modular distribution box

Alternative solutions to Bus: special circuits
Solutions with distribution boxes without Bus in many cases may be more advantageous, for example when they have circuits with special connections or when they contain electronic circuits dedicated to specific applications.

Disadvantages of the distribution boxes with Bus:

  • complex circuits which require qualified technicians

  • higher price

  • equipments for control tests are expensive

  • generally slower reaction times

  • devices like sensors or actuators have different versions for each bus standard on the market: selection and availability are more difficult

  • one or more Bus systems can prevail in the future and others may become obsolete: the risk to invest in the choice of a Bus system increases.

Advantages of the distribution boxes with special circuits:

  • Modular system: several boxes shapes already available

  • It is possible to combine from 2 to 15 female sockets or male plugs on the same box

  • It is possible to integrate any electronic circuit: series or parallel connections, AND / OR, special connections with or without components of any type

  • If necessary you can also add DIP switches, buttons and electronic displays

  • It is possible to include a Push-pull control connector guaranteed for 5000 connections cycles (ODU, LEMO, FISCHER), useful for applications on devices which need to be changed frequently.

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shield connector wiring

Connector assembling and cable working
Shield is organized to assemble, with any cable type, many commercial connectors, just for example:
Tyco, AMP, Superseal, Mate-N-Lok, Stocko, Deutsch, FCI, Amphenol, Molex, Ilme, Delphy, Souriau, Hirose.
In order to simplify your wiring project it would be very useful to buy Shield valve and sensor connectors with connectors on the other side.
You can also buy cut cables with simple working.
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Shield 9001 quality system

Quality ISO 9001

Shield is certified for design, development and manufacture of electric cables, switches, distribution boxes and connectors with or without cable for industrial automation.
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Shield connectors

Circular connectors
M23, 7/8”, M12, M8 for signal and power connections,
from 2 to 25 poles;
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Shield magnetic sensors

Magnetic switches
Switches for pneumatic cylinders with magnetic piston


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Shield wiring
  Shield ISO 9001 quality

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