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M12 connector

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shield through-wall connector

M12 male-female through-wall connector
Useful to connect/disconnect cables,
easily on both sides of a panel


shield Y-splitter

Splitter Y, connector M12-M12
Splitter useful to join on the same cable the signals coming from 2 different sensors or to control 2 electrovalves.

shield safety box

Safety circuits
Distribution boxes and M12 connectors with 5 or 8 poles,
For application with safety circuits.

  • Standard circuits already available to connect safety sensors

  • Overvoltage category III, pollution degree 3

  • Yellow marking plates and yellow cables

  • Customized circuit availability



shield timer

Timer for condensation discharge
It allows the condensation to discharge continuously in the pneumatic plants.
It can be installed easily between the electrovalve and the connector.

You can schedule discharge times and very short or long internals.
2 versions: analogic or digital

shield usb-M12

Extension cord M12 / USB
Extension cords are available with the following connectors at each side:

  • USB type A or type B

  • M12 male / female and with / without nut connected to the cable shielding.



Connectors with RINA-approved cable for naval applications
The valve connectors can be supplied upon request with cable which in event of fire doesn’t emit opaque smoke or toxic gases.
IEC 60092 approved.

shield atex

Atex Certification  
Several Shield products such as M12, connectors for electrovalves and switches for magnetic cylinders can be supplied with Atex certification for Atmosphere Explosive  in accordance to the European Directive 94/9/EC

shield sensors

Magnetic switches
Switches for pneumatic cylinders with magnetic piston


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