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SHIELD Made in Italy




The Modular Wiring solutions proposed by Shield allow to assemble
distribution boxes, cables, extension cables, connectors and sensors,
for whichever type of machinery or plant,
series or customized

shield wiring systems
  • complete, modular, customizable range of products

  • technology, design, quality and production Made in Italy

  • power and signal connectors

  • M8, M12, M23, 7/8" circular connectors

  • electrovalve connectors

  • distribution boxes with cable and connectors,
    models from 2 to 20 connections, single or double signal

  • very small overall dimensions

  • standard or customizable circuits

  • proximity sensors for cylinders with magnetic piston

For further information: Dott.sa Silvia Fortina,
Email fortinas@shield.net direct phone (+39) 0322 805 232

Sp 21/A, 28010 Cavaglietto (No) – Italy
phone:  +39 0322 805 1
fax:       +39 0322 805 380

Shield ISO 9001 Certified Quality System

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